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Dr. Liran Antebi is a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and a lecturer at Ben-Gurion University’s Academic Program of the Israeli Air Force Flight School.

Dr. Antebi consults to various entities in Israel and around the world, including security agencies, military units, commercial companies and enterprises, and the United Nations. Previously, she served for several years as a member of iPRAW - the International Panel on the Regulation of Autonomous Weapons.

Dr. Antebi researches several fields of national security and military studies:

• Advanced technologies such as drones, robots, artificial intelligence, and more

• The impact of technology on security

• Military technology, its use, and its implications,

• The impact of advanced technologies on policy, power, and the future of war

• Revolution in military affairs

The struggle of states with terrorism and guerrilla warfare and the paradox of power

Dr. Antebi headed the research in technological forecasting and policymaking at the INSS Liran and is currently leading the research about advanced technologies and national security, including robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, and more.

Dr. Antebi holds a B.A in Political Science, M.A in Diplomacy and Security, and a Ph.D., from the Tel Aviv University. Her dissertation: Fighting Robots in the Service of Democracy.

Dr. Antebi is lecturing, consulting and conducting research, both in English and Hebrew.

Dr. Liran Antebi
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